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Lost and Found 11

It was late Friday evening when Yoochun dropped off Yoomi. She fussed a little when Yoochun left, but settled quickly when Jaejoong gave her a bottle.

Jaejoong paced his living room and rocked Yoomi. He hoped the movement would calm them both down. He didn’t like the waiting and the worrying.

He did everything he could think of to keep his mind off of the dangerous situation Yoochun was walking into. He baked a fresh batch of cookies and talked calmly to Yoomi.

It was almost midnight when he heard a knock at his door. He checked to make sure Yoomi was snug in her bassinette and answered the door.

“Don’t ask questions. Just go to this address. Ji and I will take care of Yoomi.” Changmin pressed a piece of paper into Jaejoong’s hand.


“What did I say. I got a call from Yoochun, he needs your help. Just go.”

Jaejoong sped down the road, taking the corners a little too harshly. The address wasn’t the house they went to the first time. It was a smallish apartment building; no more than 20 units. He saw Yoochun’s car parked in front along with four other police cars.

He ran up to Yoochun, who was briefing the other officers. “Yoochun? What happened?” he asked.

“We made a few arrests. We’re looking for Yunho right now. This building is our best bet. You need to find him, so we’re going to put a vest on you, wire you up and send you in with two uniforms. If you see anyone other than Yunho, leave the building immediately. I swear to god Jaejoong, if you get hurt, I will kill you.”

“Yoochun…” Jaejoong questioned. Yoochun was already strapping a bullet proof vest to his.

“I don’t have a lot of time to explain. This building is condemned so be careful where you step. It should be empty, but we can’t be sure.”

“How do you know Yunho is in there?”

“We don’t. We are going by the information we got from the people we arrested.”

“Officer Han and I are ready,” a tall officer said.

“Thank you. Jae, are you ready?”

Jaejoong nodded and followed the officers to the door of the apartment building. “We’re going to search each unit. Han and I are going in first and when we give you the okay, you go in and look for the kid.”

Apartment after apartment; room after room, they searched. Jaejoong standing behind Han and Jin waiting for one of them to shout ‘all clear’ before going through the room looking for Yunho.

They were half way through the building and Jaejoong was beginning to give up hope. Every room was empty or far too dangerous to walk through and they still hadn’t found Yunho.

They moved up to the three floor and Jaejoong could swear he heard voices. The officers moved from the living room to the bedroom and Jaejoong waited for the signal.

“Mr. Kim! Get in here now!” Han shouted.

Jaejoong ran into the room. It was nearly pitch dark in the room and Jaejoong could barely make out a small form in the corner.

“Yunho?” Jaejoong called to the darkness. “Oh god, Yunho. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Yunho was bound with his hands behind his back and gagged. He was naked and blind folded. Jaejoong rushed to his side. Yunho sobbed and fought against his restraints. He panicked at the sound of voices outside the door.

“Yunho, it’s okay. I’m here, Sweetheart, I’m here.” Jaejoong whispered. He pulled the blind fold off of Yunho’s head. The gag was held in place with a belt and took longer to get off than the blind fold. As soon as the gag was out of his mouth, Yunho pulled away from Jaejoong and vomited blood and bile. Yunho started to cry; he couldn’t believe Jaejoong finally found him. He had all but given up any hope of being found.

“Jae…” Yunho winced, he throat hurt. Speaking felt like acid was being poured down his throat.

“Don’t try to talk. I need to cut the binds, okay.” Jaejoong pulled a small knife out of his pocket. “Don’t move, I don’t want to hurt you.” Jaejoong cut the ropes. Yunho’s hands and feet were cold from the tight ropes cutting off the circulation.

Yunho screamed when he tried to move his right arm. It had been hurting for days and when he finally moved it he knew it was broken. He was fighting to stay awake and every part of his body hurt.

“I can’t move you, yet. We have to wait for the paramedics to move you, but I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. Just stay with me, Yunho.”

The paramedics were there in no time and lifted Yunho onto a stretcher. Jaejoong followed them down the stairs and to the ambulance.

“You can’t come. You can follow us in your own car,” a paramedic said.

“Like hell I can’t come. Legally I’m one of his emergencies contacts. If you’d like to break the law and transport a minor without one of his guardians, feel free to try. But I’m not leaving this ambulance.”

“Just let him ride along. He can’t hurt and if he can keep the kid calm, it’s fine,” the other man said, calmly.

Jaejoong sat on a small bench at the very back of the truck. He gently rubbed Yunho’s cheek. He watched as the paramedics worked on Yunho. He didn’t think someone could survive with the injuries Yunho had.

“You need to stay in the waiting room. They’re bring Yunho straight to the OR,” Junsu said. He met Jaejoong at the doors of the ER. “Come on. I’ll bring you to the doctor’s lounge and get you some coffee.”

Jaejoong paced the lounge, barely drinking the coffee Junsu forced into his hand. “How long are they going to be working on him?”

“It could be hours. I didn’t get a good look at him, but I saw enough to know he’s in a bad place.”

“How bad?”

“You should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. He might not wake up from the anesthesia.”

“This is my fault. I should have been home when he called. I should have fought that judge harder. I should have…” Jaejoong was cut off by Junsu slapping him across the face, hard.

“You have done more than anyone else has ever done for that kid! I don’t want to hear you say this is your fault!”


“No. You did everything you could and more.” Junsu pulled Jaejoong to the sit on the sofa. “Pray with me.”

Jaejoong squeezed Junsu’s hands as they sat together. He was a bad Catholic, he knew it. But praying with Junsu calmed him down enough to think clearly. And maybe, just maybe, God really was as merciful as people liked to claim.

Hours past. Junsu had to leave Jaejoong in the lounge and finish his shift. Mrs. Han came and left. As did Sooin, Changmin and Jiyong. Only Yoochun was still there.

“Something went wrong.”

“You don’t know that,” Yoochun replied calmly.

“Yes, I do. Something’s wrong. Why isn’t Yunho out of surgery yet?”

“Because he was beaten and starved for 3 weeks. He had a lot of injuries, Jae. He’s not just going to bounce back from this. It’s going to take time for the doctors to do their work.” Yoochun stood behind Jaejoong and hugged him tightly. “It’s going to be okay. You just need to have faith.”

Jaejoong nodded once and relaxed into Yoochun’s arms.

“Junsu is going to be off work soon. We should all go to the cafeteria and get something to eat.”

“Okay. I think I need to lay down for a while. You’re going to stay here, right?”

“Jae, we both know you’re going to use me as your pillow.” Yoochun sat on the sofa and let Jaejoong rest his head on his thigh. Jaejoong was asleep in minutes. Yoochun knew once Jaejoong stopped moving he would crash. He ran his hand through Jaejoong’s hair, petting him softly.

“How long as he been asleep?”

“A while now,” Yoochun yawned. “I was dozing myself. How was your shift?”

“Long. Yunho’s out of surgery.”

“How bad is it?”

“Bad. Really bad. The surgeons aren’t expecting him to survive the night. And if he does. His right arm was crushed and his legs were broken in several places. They had to do surgery on his back. He’s stitched up like Frankenstein’s monster. Like I said, it’s really bad.”

“I want to let Jae sleep more, but if Yunho’s in recovery I should wake him.” Yoochun shook Jaejoong’s shoulder.

“Yeah! I’m up!”

Yoochun jumped back against the sofa to avoid  being punched in the face by Jaejoong.

“Sorry. Junsu, how’s Yunho?”

“He’s in recovery. You’re allowed to visit, but only for a short time.” Junsu stood. He led Jaejoong to Yunho’s room and explained his condition on the way.

Jaejoong walked into Yunho’s room and stopped dead in his tracks. Yunho was laying on the bed, hooked up to several machines, his face was swollen and he had stitches cris-crossing over all his exposed skin.

“Jae, he’s in bad shape. He might not make it through the night. I’m going to pull some strings and see if I can get a cot put in here for you. There’s a few things you should know. I don’t know… You should sit down.”

“Junsu, just tell me.”

“Han performed a rape kit as soon as Yunho was stable. The trauma he went through, Jae. I’ve never seen anyone live through this.”

“What was the results of the rape kit?” Jaejoong knew the answer, somehow he just knew the answer.

“There were at least 3 different DNA samples; one of them matched the serial.”

“Who ever took Yunho knows the serial killer.”


“I’m fine. I… I’m just going to sit here with him for a while.”

Jaejoong watched as Junsu left and sat next to the bed.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry this happened to you and I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you. I promise, whoever did this to you, I’ll find them and they will never hurt anyone, ever again.”

Jaejoong tucked the blanket around Yunho’s shoulders. “You just need to wake up in the morning. Okay Sweetheart, just wake up.”

“Jae?” Junsu shook Jaejoong’s shoulder gently.

“Yeah?” Jaejoong yawned.

“Have a little lunch. I want to check Yunho over. Will you sit over on the sofa?”

Jaejoong watched as Junsu examined Yunho.  “How is he?”

“Pretty bad. His vitals are stable, but I don’t know if he’s ever going to wake up. The damage is extensive.”

“What should I do?”

Junsu frowned. “Keep talking to him. Read him books or sing to him. Nurses will be in and out to check his vitals and give him a bed bath every few days. We’re going to do everything we can to make him as comfortable as possible.”

“Su? What are his chances? Realistically?”

“Realistically? 20 maybe 30%. I’ve never seen a person with these extensive of injuries live.” Junsu massaged Jaejoong’s shoulders gently. “I’ll leave you alone. Call if you need anything.”

Jaejoong sat on the edge of the bed and held Yunho’s hand. He watched the nurses come and go; barely speaking to anyone. Sooin brought food and coffee frequently, but Jaejoong couldn’t eat. He was too racked with worry and guilt.

“Jae, I know you’re worried but if you don’t eat something, you’re only going to make yourself sick. Please come get some food with me,” Yoochun begged. It had been almost three days since Yunho was found.

“I’m not…”

“Yes you are. You haven’t eaten, you haven’t slept. Please let me bring you home and take care of you for a while I’ll bring you back here as soon as you eat a good meal and actually sleep for a few hours.”

“I said I’m fine!” Jaejoong shouted.

“No, you’re not. You can’t even stand up. You look like hell!” Yoochun softened his voice, “Jae, you know I care about you. I don’t want to see you get sick. Let’s just go home for a day, get some food, clean up and we can come in first thing in the morning.”

Yoochun wrapped his arms around Jaejoong’s waist and lifted him to his feet. Jaejoong tried to stand, but his knees locked and he fell to the floor. He sat there for a long time.

“Jae?” Yoochun reached out for him.

“Don’t!” Jaejoong slapped his hand away. “Yoochun…”

“Yeah, Jae, I’m here.” Yoochun knelt next to him. “It’s gonna be okay.”

Jaejoong snaked his arms around Yoochun’s neck and cried out. Jaejoong held on to Yoochun for a long time. “I can’t. I can’t leave right now. I just can’t.”

“I know. I’ll run home, get you a change of clothes, some other stuff you need. I’m sure there’s a shower around here you can use. And you have to eat something. And drink more.”

“Yeah, okay. Can you help me up?”

Yoochun smiled as he pulled Jaejoong to his feet. “I’ll be back in an hour.”


“No problem, Babe,” Yoochun smiled.

By the time Yoochun returned Jaejoong was fast asleep. He picked Jaejoong up and laid him on the sofa. There wasn’t a spare blanket in the room, so Yoochun covered Jaejoong with his coat.

The shrill ring of Yoochun’s hand phone broke the silence of the room. He looked at the caller id and let it go to voice mail. He was tired and wanted to stay by Jaejoong and Yunho’s side.

He carded his hand through Jaejoong’s hair. He knew it was going to be a long night and he still had so much work to do.

Jaejoong didn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes before he woke with a start.

“Feeling alright?” Yoochun asked.

“Yeah. Can you go get me something to eat?”

“Yeah. I have a couple phone calls to make. I’ll be back.” He stroked Jaejoong’s cheek before leaving. He hated seeing Jaejoong worried like this.

The list of people he had to call was almost overwhelming. He dialed the first number in the long list of missed called.

“We found him. He’s held himself up in an abandoned house and we need you here now.”

Yoochun shut his phone and ran to his car. Finally. Finally he was able to do his job properly.
Jaejoong paced the small room. Nervousness and fear coiled through him as nurses came and went with solemn faces. He asked several of them about Yunho’s condition. They just shook their heads sadly.

Everyone was losing hope that Yunho was going to wake. Even Junsu seemed pessimistic about Yunho’s chances.

Jaejoong was sitting next to Yunho’s bed reading out loud when Yoochun entered the room.

“What’cha reading?” Yoochun sat next to Jaejoong.

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Yunho told me he never read it before.”

“I have good news.”

“The person who did this to Yunho is dead,” Jaejoong said. The deadness of his voice frightened Yoochun.

“No. But he is in custody. And once he’s released from the hospital, we’re going to find out who the serial killer is.” Yoochun reached out and gripped Jaejoong’s shoulder tightly. “Everyone who hurt Yunho is going to be punished.”

“Is he here? Who ever did this to Yunho, is he here now?”

“Yes. Jae, what are you going to do?” Fear flashed though Yoochun; he had never heard Jaejoong’s voice be so cold.

“Who is it and is he here?”

“I think you know who it is and you don’t need me to tell you…” Yoochun had to stall the anger out of Jaejoong.

Jaejoong stood up quickly. “I’m gonna kill him.” He left the room. He knew what he was looking for; a room with two armed officers.

“Shit!” Yoochun chased after Jaejoong, honestly terrified of what he would do once he found Kyujin.

Jaejoong was standing in front of the officers guarding Kyujin’s room when Yoochun caught up with him.

“Jae, I want you to think very carefully about what you are about to do. What’s the point of going in there. He can’t hurt Yunho anymore and he is going to go to jail for a long, long time.”

“But he’ll still be alive. I don’t call that justice. I call that fucked up.”

Yoochun placed his hands on Jaejoong’s shoulders lightly. “If it makes you feel any better I shot him.”

“But not in the head.” Jaejoong turned, grabbed Yoochun’s gun and kicked the door in. The uniformed officers chased after him.

Kyujin freaked. He was screaming, thrashing in the bed. He begged and pleaded with Jaejoong not to shot him. Jaejoong ignored his pathetic cries.

“Give me one good reason not to kill you,” Jaejoong threatened. He aimed the gun at Kyujin’s head.

Yoochun swore; he had made sure Jaejoong was a perfect shot.

“Don’t touch him!” Yoochun ordered the two uniforms. “Jae, listen to me.”

“I want him dead.” Jaejoong cocked the gun. “Give me a good reason. A fucking great reason not to shoot him right now.”

“If you kill him you’ll go to prison and you won’t be able to help Yunho from prison.” Yoochun’s voice was firm and even.

“I’m willing to take that chance.” Jaejoong’s aim was steady.

“Jaejoong, please. Give me the gun. I’m gonna touch your shoulder. It’s just me. I’m not going to do anything else. Just touch your shoulder.” Yoochun slid his hand to Jaejoong shoulder lightly. “Please give me the gun.”

Jaejoong relaxed his arm and handed the gun to Yoochun. “He hurt Yunho.”

“I know. I know.” Yoochun wrapped Jaejoong into a reassuring hug and lead him from the room. He handed the gun to one of the officers.

“Yunho… He… God Yoochun, how could a person do that to a kid?”

“I don’t know. But it’s over now and he will never be able to touch Yunho again. And once Yunho is better, hell be with you and you’ll take care of him. And you both will be happy. You’ll be a family.” Yoochun rubbed Jaejoong’s back as he spoke. He hoped Jaejoong would calm down. “Come on. Let’s go back to Yunho’s room. You should sleep a little longer.”

Jaejoong nodded. He let Yoochun escort him to Yunho’s room. He felt light-head. Yoochun helped him lay down on the sofa in the room.

“I’m gonna go get you some coffee. That was a stupid ass thing you did.”

“I know. I’m not sorry.”

“I wish I could have let you kill him.”

Jaejoong drank his coffee in silence. Yoochun left after delivering a sandwich and the coffee. Jaejoong looked at the sandwich in disgust. He really didn’t think he could stomach food at the moment.

He stood up and stretched. He studied Yunho’s face. The swelling had gone down significantly in the past few days. His body was healing; Jaejoong just prayed his mind would be okay and he would wake up soon.

A sharp knock on the door jarred Jaejoong from his thoughts.

“Hey,” Changmin stood in the doorway. “Jiyong wanted to come by and check on Yunho. They’re finally letting none relatives visit him.”

Jiyong walked past Jaejoong and knelt by the bed. Gingerly he took hold of Yunho’s hand. He whispered to Yunho, so lowly that Jaejoong couldn’t hear him. Jaejoong suspected Jiyong was praying.

“I’m sorry, Yunho. I’m so sorry. People keep telling me you might not wake up. You have to, okay. You have to wake up and take care of me. Changmin is doing great and I love him a lot. But I need you.” Jiyong kissed Yunho’s forehead. “I love you.”

“Ji, Jaejoong and I are going to go get some more coffee. You want one?” Changmin asked.

“Yes, thank you.”

“He’s not doing well, is he?” Jaejoong asked once they were out of the room.

“He’s a complete mess. He’s worried himself sick.”

“How is he medically?” Jaejoong shoved bills into a vending machine.

“Bad. His testes are coming back all fucked up. He’s gotten two positives and a negative on an HIV test. And they can’t test him with a different test again for another two weeks. So right now we’re treating it like he’s positive.”

“Shit, what are you going to do?” Jaejoong sat on bench.

Changmin sat next to him. “Take care of him. Make sure he’s as happy as he can be. Pray that those were false positives. This next test they are doing is 99% accurate. So, here’s hoping.”

“Yoochun arrested the person who kidnapped Yunho. It was Kyujin. He kept Yunho in an abandoned building. It was horrible.”

“Yoochun told me you found him. Jae, I wish there was something more I could do.”

“You can let me shoot him.”

“Nope. Yoochun told me you tried. That’s not necessarily the smartest thing you’ve ever done. But I understand the anger.” Changmin curled his arm around Jaejoong’s shoulder.

“Thanks. I just want Yunho to be okay.”

“That’s what we all want. Let’s head back. I’m sure Jiyong has curled up in Yunho’s bed by now.”

“Is Ji gonna be okay? He seems…”

“He’s hopelessly dependant on others. He has no self worth and he might be HIV positive. I pray that he’s going to be okay, but… It’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of therapy for him to come back from this.”

“I’m here. If you need anything, I’m here for you.” Jaejoong tried to be comforting.

“He was with Saiji longer than any of those other kids. He doesn’t even know who his parents are… Were. Best we can figure, his mom was a whore and his dad was one of her customers. She died when Ji was maybe 5.”

They walked back to Yunho’s room. Jiyong was sitting in the chair with his head on the bed next to Yunho’s shoulder.

Jaejoong handed the kid his coffee and took a seat on the sofa. He knew Jiyong just needed time with his best friend. They had been through so much together.

Everyone just needed time to heal. Time and love.

ARGH! That's all I have to say right now... ARGH!