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77 Words

2 College

    Pairing: Slight HoMin, JaeMin

   Rating: PG-13 (Language and boy-boy kissing)

   Length: One Shot, 1,776 words

   Warning: Discussion on homophobia.

   Summary: The first day of college is stressful enough with out having to worry about sucky people. And finding love.

Changmin stood in the center of the room. His room. His new dorm room. His boxes were stacked on the bed he picked. His roommate wasn’t there yet.
The name on the door read Lee Donghae. Changmin reread the little bit of information he was emailed about Donghae; he was a sophomore and an art major.
He was putting away some clothes when there was a knock on the door.
“Hi!” an older guy said cheerfully. “I’m Yunho, the RA for this floor. You must be Changmin.”
Changmin looked at him side eyed. “Yes…”
“Yunho laughed. “I’m not weird or anything.” There was a loud crash down the hall. “Kim Junsu! If that was you, I swear to God!” Yunho yelled down the hallway.
“Uh, not to be rude…”
“Sorry about that. I just stopped by to let you know there is a floor meeting at 6.”
“How did you know my name?” Changmin was confused by the events happening outside his door.
“Oh yeah. I had classes with Donghae last semester. I’ll see you at 6.” Yunho smiled.
Changmin was taken a back. Yunho had a dazzling, kind smile. “Okay,” Changmin managed to reply as he heard another loud crash down the hall.
“I gotta run. I think the Kim twins are trying to build a slip and slide in the stair way.”
Changmin closed his door and went back to unpacking. At quarter to 6 Changmin made his way to the common room for the meeting. There were a few people already there, including Yunho.
Yunho was talking to two guys that, Changmin could only assume, had to be the Kim twins.
There was another guy sitting near by. He had raven black hair and pale skin. Changmin squirmed uncomfortably when he realized that guy was staring at him. Changmin shifted in his chair so he was facing the far wall.
He did see the man stand up and whisper something into Yunho’s ear. He didn’t see Yunho turn slightly to steal a peek at the freshman.
“Okay guys! Let’s start this meeting. I want it quick.” Yunho called order to the room. Changmin was impressed with how quickly everyone settled down. It was obvious Yunho was well liked.
“I’m gonna start with the basics. I know this is a review for most of you, but we have some freshmen here this year. Also I think some of you need a reminder.” He stared pointedly at the twins. “First, no rough housing in the halls. This should be a no brainer. You could get badly hurt or hurt some one else. Second, I really don’t want to deal with another incident of unauthorized construction. That is way too much paperwork. Third and most important: Quiet hours. They start at 10 Sunday through Thursday and 1 Friday and Saturday.”
There were a few groans through out the room as Yunho talked, but Changmin was enthralled with Yunho’s voice.
“I have a few really important announcements and trust me when I say this sucks more for me than it does for you. One; females are now completely banned from the building. There have been too many issues to name and the housing director just decided to have completely secluded living. Please don’t make me have to write you up for that. Two; there will now be weekly room inspections. So hide you contraband well. I’m not going to be searching. I just need to make sure you are keeping you rooms clean. There was a rat infestation in Building B last semester, so now we have to do room inspections.” Yunho scanned piece of paper, rattling off rules and regulations. “I think that’s about it. Any questions”
There was a chorus of ‘no’s’ and Yunho dismissed the group. “Changmin, I’d like to talk to you for a moment.”
Changmin gulped, “yeah.”
“Chill, I just wanted to let you know that Donghae won’t be here until later in the week. And if you need anything, my door is always open.”
Changmin smiled and thanked Yunho for his kindness. He just wanted to get back to his room. He still had stuff to unpack and he wanted to call his mom.
It was almost midnight. Changmin was finished unpacking, called his family and rearranged his desk three times. And sleep still eluded him. He paced his room, surfed the net, and tried to read his text book. Nothing helped him calm down.
He stepped into the hall softly.
“Changmin?” a voice called to him softly.
“Ah, Yunho. Sorry.”
“Why are you sorry? You’re not sneaking a girl in are you?” Yunho teased gently.
“N…No. I’m not… I mean” Changmin faltered.
“Relax Changmin. I’m just teasing. Are you okay?”
Changmin took a deep breath. “Honestly, no. I can’t sleep.”
“Come to my room. I’ll make you some tea and we can talk.” Yunho wrapped his arm around Changmin’s shoulder and lead the freshman down the hall.
Yunho’s room was larger than the normal rooms. Changmin liked the way it was arranged; there was a sofa pushed up against the wall under the windows and Yunho’s bed was opposite the sofa. The desk was bare except for a dark green laptop and mug filled with pens and highlighters.
Changmin laughed when he got a better look at the mug. It was printed with the characters of Disney’s ‘Bambi’.
“Don’t laugh at Bambi. She’s my daughter.”
“You do know that Bambi is a boy, right?” Changmin laughed again.
“Yeah, I didn’t when I was five. Have a seat. What kind of tea do you like? I got green tea, apple cinnamon, raspberry, Earl Grey.”
“Raspberry, please.” Changmin took a seat on the sofa and looked around the room again.
Yunho brought two mugs over and set them on the coffee table. “So what’s bothering you?”
“I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve been away from my family. I didn’t even go to camp as kid.”
“I see. It’s normal to miss them. I miss my little sister everyday.”
“I guess. I thought I was so ready for this. I’ve been worrying all day. All these ‘what ifs’ keep popping up. What if I hate my roommate? What if I fail all my classes? What if someone finds out I’m…” Changmin stopped and looked at the floor.
“Finds out you’re what?”
Changmin turned away from the RA.
“Changmin? What if someone finds out you’re what?”
“That I’m gay. What if someone finds out I’m gay and decide I’m a good target?” Changmin was used to that kind of abuse. “I was bullied in school because of it and we had to move when I was 14. I’m kinda used to it, but I was hoping college would be a fresh start.”
“Well, if anyone bothers you, come to me. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to harassment. And god forbid the twins find out.”
“They’ll be first in line to beat me up? Figures.” Changmin scoffed.
“Actually, they will be first in line to defend you. Their little brother is gay and don’t take kindly to homophobes. You haven’t met Jaejoong yet, but you’ve seen him.”
“How do you know?”
“You were staring at him at the floor meeting. Or at me. He wasn’t really sure.”
Changmin flushed scarlet and brought his hands up to his face.
Yunho pulled Changmin’s hands way from his face. “It’s okay. You’re very good-looking. I’m sure Jaejoong will like you.”
Changmin mumbled lowly, wishing Yunho would let go of his hands.
“What? I don’t speak mumble. I speak Korean and Japanese. A little English, but not mumble.”
“I wasn’t staring at Jaejoong.”
“Good. I really didn’t want to feel guilty for this.” Yunho leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on the Changmin’s lips. He wanted the kiss to be tender but Changmin had other ideas. He moved against the older man, nipping his bottom lip gently. Yunho moaned into the kiss giving Changmin the opportunity to deepen it.
Yunho moved and pulled Changmin onto his lap. He moved his hands to unfasten Changmin’s pants. Changmin whined slightly when Yunho stopped and pushed him away.
“We shouldn’t be doing this.” Yunho said breathlessly.
“Why not?” Changmin huffed.
“Because I’m your RA. And this would be an abuse of power. I brought you here to talk to you, not to molest you. I shouldn’t have kissed you in the first place. I’m sorry.”
Changmin stared out the window feeling rejected. Yunho was sweet and kind and handsome. And he was rejecting Changmin before anything could really happen.
Changmin shrugged, “I should really try to get some sleep.”
“Changmin, I’m really sorry. I do want you to come talk to me if anything happens and hang out with the Kims. You’ll all get along really well.”
Changmin returned to his room, tired and upset, but strangely able to sleep.
Weeks flew by and surprisingly Yunho was right. The Kim boys loved Changmin. The twins were trouble makers, but not malicious and Jaejoong was a bit of a princess, but Changmin enjoyed their company.
Lunch was always an lustrous affair. Jaejoong often complained that the school food was going to kill his beloved brothers, so he cooked for them as much as he could. And of course Changmin was always welcomed as well. And if Changmin needed more than Jaejoong’s great looks as a reason to date the raven haired man, his cooking was it.
One day, when Jaejoong and Changmin were waiting for the twins to get out of class, Changmin decided to ask Jaejoong out. They were sitting in the lounge, Jaejoong had thrown his legs on to Changmin’s lap. Changmin fiddled with Jaejoong’s pants while trying to figure out how to ask the gorgeous man sprawled on the sofa.
“Jaejoong? Will you be my boyfriend?”
“I thought you were still lusting after Yunho.” Jaejoong said coldly.
“I’m not. I was. I mean; I really like you, Jae.”
“It’s about time you noticed me. I’ve only been practically throwing myself at you.” Jaejoong sat up and kissed Changmin softly. Just the slightly press on lips. “I’ve liked you for a while. And I was worried that this would stay one sided.”
Changmin caressed Jaejoong’s pale cheek. “Kiss me again,” he demanded.
“Yessir!” Jaejoong chirped. The kiss was more intense this time. Changmin licked Jaejoong’s upper lip, begging for entrance. Jaejoong opened his mouth slowly. They fought for control; nipping and sucking each other’s lips and tongue. Jaejoong conceded first, letting Changmin take control.
Changmin finally felt content. He felt loved and comfortable. And most of all, Changmin felt like he was home.

Tags: 77 words, changmin, college life, dbsk, homin, jaejoong, jaemin, one shot
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