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Title: #22
Pairing: YunJae, past HoMin
Length: Chaptered Part 2 of ??
Genre: Romance
Summary: Wild Plot Bunny by After TVXQ's official break up, the now retired Yunho makes a list of all the things he regrets not doing, and he makes a plan to get through the list within the next two years (he doesn't want to be one of those people that makes a plan and never gets around to it, so he gives himself a deadline. The list has some silly things on it, some dangerous things, and some inspirational things. There is over a hundred, and #22 on the list is: confess to Kim Jaejoong the way he's felt for him all these years.

Yunho allowed himself to adjust to his retirement quickly. He decorated his new apartment, rearranged his bedroom at least a dozen times and painted his music room/ office.

He was surprised at how quickly he fell into a solo routine. He settled into retired life comfortably. Although he did frequently find himself bored at times, he had a list of over 100 things to accomplish in the next two years.

Sunday evening found him reclined on Changmin’s sofa while Changmin chattered continuously from the kitchen. Admittedly, Yunho heard little of what his friend was saying; he was just enjoying the sound of Changmin’s voice.

“I’m going to take your silence as you’re not hungry.”

“Sorry, Changmin. I was just…”

“Thinking. Yeah, I know. You’ve been doing that a lot lately.” Changmin straddled Yunho’s lap. “You should stop thinking and start doing.”

Yunho brought Changmin’s hands up to his lips, kissing each digit slowly. “Yeah? Doing what?”

“Well you have that list. I think at least two or three of those things are really important to do, sooner rather than later.”

“I’m working on it.”

“Yunho, stop moping. Build that school, start the scholarship. Go sky diving. Anything, just get out of your own brain.”

“It’s not like that. I am working on the list. I like being in my own head. It’s safe there.”

Changmin sighed and laid down, tucking his head under Yunho’s chin. “I love you, Yunho.”

“I love you too, Changminnie.” Yunho kissed the top of Changmin’s hair.

“You’ve lost weight.”

“I know.”

Changmin lifted his head to look at his friend. “I don’t like it. It makes me worry about you.”

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

“I can’t help it. Let’s eat.” Changmin dragged Yunho into the kitchen and set him in a chair. “I made your favorite. I’m sorry it’s not as good as…”

“It’s perfect Min, really.” Yunho smiled as he ate.

Not many people saw this side of Changmin. Most saw him as a confident, snarky young man. Most people saw Max Changmin. They never saw the shyness that all that bravado covered; the real unadulterated Changmin. Yunho secretly loved this side of Changmin. It was in these moments that Yunho realized how much they relied of each other.

When the meal was finished Yunho offered to wash the dishes. He stood at the sink, smiling happily.

“Are you staying the night?” Changmin asked as he dried a plate.

“Am I allowed?”

Changmin scowled at him. “How is that even a question? You know you are always allowed in my house. And in my bed.”

“I don’t want to impose.”

“Hyung,” Changmin set the plate on the counter. “You’re always welcome.” Changmin leaned close to Yunho and placed a tender kiss on his cheek.

Yunho thought he would be unhappy with his retirement. He thought he would be bored. In reality, retirement was the best thing to have ever happened to him. He spent more time writing music and more time with his family.

He wasn't the most happy he had ever been, but he was happier than he had been in a long time. He let himself take joy in the little things he did on a daily basis. He enjoyed Sunday diners with Changmin. He loved when Yoonji came over and played chess with him, or watched a movie with him. He finally felt like he could breathe. There wasn't someone constantly following him, making sure he didn't screw up.

There was only one thing missing in his life and he only had to wait for the right moment to change that.
On the other side of Seoul, a man laid silent in a hospital bed, making a decision that will change the course of Yunho’s life.

A/N: Sorry this is another shorty. Once I get the flow a bit better, the chapters will be longer.

Tags: #22, changmin, dbsk, homin, jaejoong, wild plot bunny, yunho, yunjae
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